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Popa Sapka



Formed in spring of 2009, in Romania, Popa Sapka quickly became the favorites of their hometown parties. Soon enough they’ve hit the road to conquer hearts, souls and ears of music lovers in every reachable city. And everywhere they go, people fall for Popa Sapka’s catchy melodies, danceable beats and stirring instrumentation, and can’t resist dancing and singing along.

The music of Popa Sapka, heavily influenced by balkanic melodies and rhythms, is a mix of ska, pop, punk, gipsy, reggae, folk and last but not least, the traditional music of „mother Russia”. They’ve named this world music mixture „Balkan Pop-Ska”.

Their lyrics’ style, originated from the band’s multicultural background, present a twisted mix of English, Russian, Romanian and Gagauzian languages. And their songs’ light-heartedness and sincerity is what makes Popa Sapka appealing to everyone, regardless of age, height, weight, hair and eye color.

Dimitri – voice, accordion

Ecaterine – voice

Sarmis – guitar

Moshu – bass

Barbuta – drums

Sorin – keyboard







make-up – Eliana Cristescu

photo – Florian Gîndilă


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