Summer brings out the…craziness in people !


Summer brings out the…craziness in people 🙂
” Dreams and desires are flowing, lust, hopes. The parties seem to be never ending and we
experience an urge to use to the fullest the hottest days.
One Saturday, Florian came with his camera and was ready to take some shots of me, wearing
different dresses from a lovely designer, La Mode Toujours.
As I am and always will be in love toujours with fashion blogging, I took on my best poses 🙂
This photo shoot I think is about finding me. Finding other sides of me, that at least in
photography, did not know existed. It’s about discovering.
And feeling great, about myself, feeling the summer and the hopes, the colors, the smiles, the
hidden looks, the power of good vibes, through everything.
It is not easy to let go, and show yourself, though. So I am happy to show you these amazing
photos we took and I hope it gives you inspiration. ” – Olivia Ioana Dejeu
dress : La Mode Toujours.

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